Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I actually like about Mississippi:

I've been mentally hating on Mississippi for the past week or so.  It's really bringing me down living in a state that consistently ranks 50th in every conceivable statistic from obesity, teenage pregnancy, infant mortality, heart disease, diabetes, elementary reading rates, carseat use....the list goes on and on.

The negativity is bringing me down.  Really bringing me down.  This is my home and even if we do pack our things and move to a city on my long list of dream locations, I need to live in the present now and stop mentally bashing this poor sad little state.

Things I actually like about Mississippi:

1. My town.  We live in a little university town.  I like it and I like the people a lot.  We actually have diversity which is unheard of in Mississippi.

2. Our house.  We live in the house my dad grew up in which is pretty awesome but even more awesome is that this little house is in the best possible location in town.  Love that.

3.  Mississippi has a long sordid history.  From slavery to the Jim Crow era to the latest hate killing last summer, this state has been in the depths of depression since the Civil War's reconstruction era.  Yet, I honestly believe that great gains are being made and race relations are better each year.  And, I can like that.

4.  Good things are going on within the world of sustainability.  We have organic farmers, grass-fed livestock operations and people who really care about the food we feed our children.  And, since this movement is just now picking up steam in Mississippi, it's easy to feel like you are a part of the change.

5.  I really like the weather.  Sure, it's hot as all get out in the summer but that is what summer is for.  To sweat and wear minimal clothing.  But, man oh man, have I been loving our winter weather.  I don't even think I've pulled out a winter hat once this winter and I haven't worn a jacket in weeks.  Balmy winters are super nice.

So there. 

I suppose I've convinced myself that Mississippi isn't all bad. 



LT said...

i love love our great state!!! :)

Amywhatley said...

Mississippi has its faults...but then again, so do all the other states.  I kind of like our little state and I especially like the hospitality of its people.  I really like going to a grocery store and saying hi to a complete stranger or hearing/expecting children to say yes mam or sir.  And you are can't beat the winter weather we have had this year!

LauraOMML said...

Me too, Laura.  That's the thing.  It makes me sad to mentally beat up on Mississippi like I've been doing.  I'm trying to work through it :)

LauraOMML said...

True, Amy!  I do like that we are the 'Hospitality State".  Manners are important and our kids certainly learn it from the start.

Kaitlin Alfermann said...

Awe-you're making me miss that crappy state and its awesome people.