Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She is fine.

Know how your kids love when you throw a blanket over two chairs to make a tent?

My kids love it too.

Except tonight's tent featured a featherbed for under your fitted sheet.

It's heavy.

I'm finally sitting down to eat my sweet potato frittata.


Simply said, Liza's head absorbed the impact of one of the yellow chairs.

A spasm and a flickering of her eyes sent me tearing through the house saying she had to go to the ER.

We went.

She perked up after a bit and she seemed fine an hour and a half later when we left.

The CT scan was perfectly normal and we left with the diagnosis of "mild concussion".

Thank god.


Kristi said...

I hope Taylor was home and hope sweet little Liza is ok now. If you need anything tomorrow let me know. we'll be around

LauraOMML said...

Taylor was home and she seemed fine when she went to sleeep.  Thank goodness!  You are sweet.  Thanks for being a friend. 

alisha.landry said...

Yikes! I'm glad she's good now.

LauraOMML said...

Thanks, Alisha.  You could tell her head hurt today.  Poor thing.

Mama Lake said...

Scary! Glad she is doing fine:) I hate those scary moments.

hobomama said...

Yipes! That would definitely be scary. Glad she's all right and that you got her checked out!

LauraOMML said...

It was scary.  And the first time I've swooped up a child and ran frantically out of the house for the ER.  Scary stuff.