Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Daily Vitamins:

My cupboard in it's most organized state possible:

My vitamin basket and essential oil basket:

My kids' vitamins:
Vitamin C and Vitamin D 3

My vitamins:
Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Liquid Kelp and B5

My favorite essential oil:
Tea Tree oil
Due to it's natural antibacterial properties, 

You can guarantee I use Tea Tree oil on my kids' scrapes and cuts.


Rebecca said...

Tea Tree Oil has also been proven to repel lice.  I spray Ally's hair with water and TTO occasionally due to my irrational fear of lice.  I love TTO!

LauraOMML said...

Oh, goodness!  You and your lice!  It is pretty awesome stuff.  This brand was the cheapest I could find but I think I'm going to invest in a better grade when this bottle is all gone. The article I linked to about the staph got me thinking about that....

dd said...

Very interesting about tea tree oil ....I think I have seen it in shampoos for skin conditions?!?
Is D3 a special kind of D vitamin.  I especially need D living here so Im curious.  I worry I don't get enough even though we eat fish twice a week.  Deedee

rachel said...

what do you use these vitamins for or to prevent from? my husband has a low immune system and was wondering if the kelp would help...

flu remedies said...

I only take Clusivol and a jar of those are present on my kitchen. Families have a much diverse range of vitamins.