Friday, January 13, 2012

Juicy Juicy Juicer!

For years I wanted a juicer but I didn't really think we would use it often enough to make up for space taken on the counter.  And, we all know I'm not a fan of cleaning up after myself and I was pretty sure a juicer was the most difficult thing to clean in the entire world.  But, after watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" on Netflix instant viewing, I knew we *needed* a juicer ASAP!  Good thing it was nearing Christmas and I have a sweet mother-in-law who loves buying exactly what we want.  

Thanks, Carla!  
We are seriously obsessed.  

Today was payday and I was at home with a pukey little toddler and a bored big toddler.
Normally, I jump to the grocery store on payday but it didn't happen until after Mr. Messy got home from work considering our sick situation.  So, when Henry said "let's juice!" during naptime, we juiced everything juiceable in the fridge.  And, no, I did not listen to Henry's suggestion of juicing the onion and garlic.  I peeled the kiwi and convinced Henry that even though he isn't a huge kiwi fan, it would make awesome juice.

Henry put the kiwi in the juicer.  

And, we watched as the kiwi were obliterated into smithereens for Henry's drinking pleasure.

Straws make life better.

Pureed kiwi also makes life better.  Since the fruit was peeled and entirely edible before running it through the juicer, the pulp is completely edible and yummy!  Usually the chickens get the pulp after juicing but I just added this bit of kiwi to my post-grocery store juice:  carrots, spinach, apples, oranges.

Juicing has reaffirmed several things in my life:
1.  We really like juice.   
2.  I am not picky.  At all.
3.  My kids are learning about real food every single day.
4.  Everything tastes better when it is made with love and a little extra time spent.
5.  My entire family has a sweet tooth and we like any juice that has a hint of sweet fruit.

*We have the Breville Compact model which is a massive steal at $100.  It is a serious machine and has great reviews online.  And, no, they are obviously not paying me to brag on their product.  

Do you juice?


Kristen @ Old House New Folks said...

My husband and I also love juicing (and decided to go full monty after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead as well). One of our favorites is the Sunset Blend (found here: because it's packed with veggies but is still sweet from the red bell pepper, orange, and apples. Yummy for sure!

Mandi Sanders said...

Some onion or garlic juice would pull major germ-warding/killing duty for those sickies ;) And it is really yummy in a veggie juice which is more what we tend to do b/c I like them better and fruit juice runs straight through my kiddos if ya know what I mean...

Mandi Sanders said...

and I would have never thought there were good juicers in the $100 ish range either until we got ours (though I found a steal on Amazon plus used amazon reward $$ to make it less than half that price). I love it!