Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sh*t Crunchy Mamas didn't say...


This video seriously cracked me up.


Made me LOL.

And, remember I don't use silly acronyms.


MamaNaturalBlog is missing a few hot button topics for the typical natural mama:

fear of plastics and bpa
probiotics (although that seems to be a jar of water kefir at 5 seconds)
nursing an active toddler
extended rearfacing carseats
unassisted birth versus midwife attended birth
raw milk
grass-fed beef
backyard chickens
reusable, um, everything
cleaning with vinegar
news articles via your Facebook newsfeed

Am I missing anything else?


I think you will like this too.

I know I did.


Sarah McConnell said...

Oh, I like that visual guide to cervical dilation! I literally just saw that video for the first time on Facebook. Love it!

LauraOMML said...

Yeah, I literally just saw the video on Facebook too :)