Thursday, January 19, 2012

So, you want a natural birth - pt.3

So, you want a natural birth.  Common hospital interventions are a sure way to get you strapped into the bed and laboring in an uncomfortable and unproductive position.  The following list are talking points to discuss with your ob/gyn and to help form a hospital birth plan.

Hospital Natural Childbirth Talking Points:

go home if you are not dilated as far as you would like prior to admission
quiet voices and low lights
no artificial rupture of membranes
no iv fluids, no iv/heplock only
access to snacks and drinks
tub/shower/ball for laboring
intermittent fetal monitoring
ability to move as needed
cervical check only at admission and then only by request
no Pitocin
no reminders of pain medication

no purple pushing or controlled pushing
ability to choose whatever pushing position feels most productive
no episiotomy
labor down until you feel the need to push, even if you are already 10cm
no time limit

delayed cord-cutting until the cord is white and no longer pulsing
immediate skin-to-skin
initiate breastfeeding before any routine procedures
rub in the vervix/delay first bath

If you are planning on birthing in a hospital, you absolutely MUST read Henci Goer's Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth in which she breaks down every common intervention with scientific research based information.  I seriously can not recommend it enough...

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