Friday, September 30, 2011

Doing better for myself.

I fell into the trap.

The Motherhood Trap.

Everybody and everything became more important than me:
- saving the fruit for the kids because they need it more than me.
- scrimping on the grocery bill by eliminating things I like to eat for lunch.
- frantically hopping in and out of the shower as Liza screamed at my feet.
- falling into the interwebz once the kids were asleep just to zone out and sit on my butt.
- keeping the kids' rooms so neat and clean but my clothes and belongings are a mess.
- I literally stopped reading books because I didn't like how I can do nothing else until I have ravenously finished the book in as little time as possible.

Basically, I stopped doing things that are good for me because it just seemed like one more thing on my to-do list.

Sad, right?

I'm trying to do better.

My first big step is to focus on the food I eat.  Food is my fuel and I expend a lot of energy.  So, I need to eat plenty of healthy foods to fuel my body.  It seems so logical, especially considering the fact I feed my children fresh and whole foods so their bodies and minds can run in their optimal state.  

My body deserves that respect too and since I began paying attention to making sure I eat well-balanced meals with plenty of protein and dark leafy greens for my iron levels....I feel so much better and I have much more energy.  Duh.  

Now, my goals are:
1. Continue my new habit of showering at night.
2. Reading books again.....and changing my habit of obsessing until the book is complete.
3. Find better things to do with my time after the kids asleep at night.
4. Keep my room neat and tidy and actually put away my clothes so they aren't a big wrinkly mess which relegates me back to the t-shirts and jeans because I'm too lazy to iron.

I thoroughly enjoyed my delicious green smoothie made of lots of spinach, a banana, frozen mangos and peaches and local honey.  

Maybe that pile of my clothes in the background will get folded soon.

I suppose that could become my new nighttime activity.

Or not....


Taylor Dearman said...

Don't forget Mama just got an Iphone!

Shelley said...

I love my green smoothies. It's my midmorning snack. I use spinach and sometimes some kale, frozen blueberries, banana, almond milk, flaxseed and ice. First thing when I get up I have coffee and steel cut oats with fresh blueberries (so long as I can get them), almond milk, cinnamon, and real maple syrup. Typically, by mid-afternoon nap time Ive found my way to the peanut m&m stash, but I tell myself starting off healthy has to count for something. Right?
I've also started poaching chicken at the beginning of the week so I can have it on hand to throw in to a wrap with some black beans and salsa when a certain toddler is forcing me to eat a really quick meal.

Tricia said...

Whatever you do, do not start reading The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. You will do absolutely nothing with your life until you've finished it.

B@Lifeslittletouchdowns said...

Love this! I am right there with you. I don't like green smoothies but I may just have to make my own "me" to-do list :)

...sarah. said...

I did the same thing... ditto, ditto, ditto! A fact made worse by my overtime work schedule. I'm trying to simplify, but I still want to veg out on the interweb.

Tara said...

I totally hear you on this. It is sometimes so hard to find time for yourself when you are always doing for your little ones...but it's so important. We are a big fan of the green smoothies here too--my little and I share one every afternoon. Ours usually involves blueberries too. Do you ever catch up with your laundry. As a CDing mama of only one I feel like the laundry is never, ever in a complete state of being clean, dried and put away. And that is with only one tot.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Taylor, yes! I am still feeling very special with my iPhone :)

Shelley, with the exception of my habit of baking cookies after the kids are asleep, I eat healthy like I feed my kids but I find myself thinking back on the day and realizing that I've not eaten enough food and not enough varied food to really sustain me. You know?

Tricia, I know. I keep hearing that I have to read that book but I know I will be obsessed with the whole series.

B, you need to try a green smoothie!!! So easy and yummie!

Sarah, the interwebz are entirely too alluring....

Tara, no. I never catch up on laundry. The diapers are easy for me but I never fold clothes anymore so the pile just gets higher and higher.