Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Ways to Avoid an Induction:

1.  Research and learn for yourself that most inductions are not medically necessary.

2.  Just because  you reach your due date, there is no need for a non-stress test or biophysical profile.  If baby's heart tones and mama's blood pressure is normal, along with the absence of proteins in mama's urine and no other complication presenting itself everything is as it should be.  Your pregnancy does not become high-risk simply because you reached your due date.  There is no need for extra tests unless a problem is indicated.  

3.  Remember labor always starts on it's own if given enough time.  No woman has ever stayed pregnant forever.

4.  Just say no to a third trimester ultrasound!  This rules out the possibility of being told your baby will be too big to birth vaginally if you wait for labor to start on it's own.

5.  If your doctor still insists your baby is too big, remind him that ACOG states that suspected macrosomia is not a reason for labor induction.

6.  Educate yourself about the risks of induction and the cascade of interventions.

7.  Cuss the US government for our horrible maternity leave policies but don't induce so you can have a few extra days with your baby before returning to work.  Every day in the womb is important for your baby's development!

8.  Do not set your heart on your due date.  No doctor, no ultrasound, no test can predict what day your hormones and your baby's hormones will work together to kickstart labor.  

9.  Remind yourself and your doctor, if need be, that ACOG does not consider a baby "late" until after 42 weeks.  Normal gestation is from 38 to 42 weeks.

10.  If your doctor says you need an induction, you can:  
          A.  Ask if your baby is safer outside you rather than inside you.
          B.  Schedule a follow-up non-stress test or biophysical profile for 12 hours later.
          C.  Go home and google!  There are non-invasive solutions for many issues.
          D.  Ask your Bishop's Score.  This equation will tell you your body's 
                "favorability"for induction and how likely your induction is to end in c-section.  

Information is power!


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I'm bookmarking this one in case I ever need it!

angie said...

Great post! I am a labor/delivery nurse at a small hospital. While our induction rate is well below the national average it's still more than I like to see. I am always reminding my students in childbirth ed to remember these points. So very frustrating sometimes to see moms who just say "well the dr said I should do this".

The Petrolias said...

Thanks, Laura! I'm going through this right now. I'll be 8 days late on Thurs, and doc wants to discuss induction b/c baby is "big". This baby will come when he/she is good and ready!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Kaitlin, :)

Angie, thanks!!

Angie, stay strong, mama!! That baby will come and meet those sweet big sisters soon!

Mandi @ Catholic Newlywed said...

What a great post! I know that the birth center I'm using doesn't induce until 42 weeks, although I think it is standard for them to induce exactly at 42 weeks, instead of giving it a few more days. I am really hoping it doesn't come to that, because I'm not that great at speaking up when I need to.