Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All day long, I say...

I blatantly stole this post idea from Amanda at Gratefully Growing in Grace.  I loved it!

All day long, I say........

I love you.
Sit down, Sis!  As she teeters on her tippy toes in her high chair.
Thank you.
Be gentle, Henry.
Little sisters need lots of space.
Don't kick the cat!
Let's go change this diaper.
Good job!
Want a snack?
Ooooh, I like that!
Henry, where is my phone?  He knows 9/10 times.....I know 2/10 times.
Do you need to tee tee?
Hmm, I don't know what Tripper is doing right now.
Want to go on a walk?
Let's go get a new book at the Palmer Home!  We love our charity thrift store.  Daily.
Would you like to rest on the couch?  The answer is always an emphatic 'no'.
I like that, Henry!
When did you get so big?
Please just be quiet for a minute for your mama to rest.
Sure, let's read a book.
Eh, go choose a better book for me to read.
Let's go check to see if the chickens have laid us an egg!
We do not slam the door in our sister's face!
Let's clean this mess up first.
What do you think your daddy would say?
I love you.


Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace said...

Awww, this is great! I say a lot of these things, too, especially "be gentle"!
The link at the top takes me to a YouTube video about Personhood USA.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Sorry about that link!!! It was quite propoganda-ish....

Mandi @ Living the Good Life said...

Tripper inquires about Henry quite a bit too. Their cute little buddies. I can hear you saying all these things!