Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Empowered Birth Week

In honor of Empowered Birth Awareness Week...

Empowered birth is actively participating during pregnancy, labor and delivery.
Empowered birth is advocating for you and your unborn child.
Empowered birth is knowing your birth options and choosing the best option for you.
Empowered birth is learning about normal birth in preparation for your child's entrance into the world.
Empowered birth is choosing the right care-provider for you.
Empowered birth is yours for the taking at home or at the hospital.
Empowered birth is deciding that birth is important.
Empowered birth is more than just having a healthy baby.
Empowered birth is demanding respect.
Empowered birth is possible after a traumatic or non-empowering birth experience,

Birth matters.
Be empowered.

Coming up this week:  
1. A contrast of my non-empowering birth and my empowering birth.
2. My thoughts on inductions.  And, yes, I have very strong opinions.  Be warned.
3. Why empowered birth is important.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

After my first and only delivery and being induced, I have a feeling we share the same thoughts.
My advice to any first time mom just ready to meet her baby: wait. Induction is going to cause problems and be more painful than if you just wait another couple of days or weeks. And I didn't even get pitocin. Cytotec sent me in to full blown contractions every two minutes within 2 hours of being placed. Then they got my epidural done just in time to realize I had dilated fully without it and it was time to push. And don't even get me started on the CONSTANT checking of the cervix. The only positive, I got a healthy 7 lb 5 oz boy out of the deal.
My birth plan next time will read like a short story. And I will find a doula!!!