Thursday, September 15, 2011

This boy:

This boy:

is 37 months old.
loves fruit and carbohydrates the best.  Berries, the favorite.  Melons, the least.
really likes moths.
pretends!  Yesterday he was a butterfly, moth, lion and a possum.
sleeps with his daddy at night but does just fine when Mr. Messy is out of town.
started Speech Therapy again this week.  His speech is so much better but still needs a little help.
thinks Tripp and his cousin, Jobe, are the coolest kids he has ever met in his life.
sits rearfacing in the car even when sits between the two carseats.  It's pretty cute to see.
plays better with a stick and a pile of dirt than with real toys.
still loves his trains but they are rarely played with because they have to stay safe in his room.
is really into dinosaurs lately.
observes and hears everything around him.
thinks you are supposed to say "damn" when something drops or breaks.
proudly announced he is "tree" and "Lulu is one." when asked his age.
finally proved he can count to ten when he counted 10 freshly baked cookies.  He just needed a little motivation to perform.
does quite well without a nap these days.
loves books more than anything else in the world.  He can sit and listen as long as you can sit and read.
is so so so so sweet.
is so so so so cute.
is so so so very much loved!

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Jen said...

too adorable. so was Lulu's blog. you make me want babies!!