Monday, September 26, 2011

Yeasty Diaper Rash Solved

Liza has battled a yeasty diaper rash since she was just a little baby.  I remember very red diaper area creases her first few months and then just a general redness.  That mixed with her dairy-induced eczema on her butt and upper thighs makes for a sad picture of a cute little baby butt.

About a month ago, she developed a raging diaper rash.  I took her out of cloth and slathered her with diaper creams and she wore disposable diapers for a few days.  Eventually, I took her to see our Nurse Practitioner who quickly proclaimed the rash as yeast.  The rash quickly disappeared with prescription strength antifungal......and then, reappeared the next week.  I used the cream for a few days and the rash quickly went away.....and then, reappeared just a few days later.

At that point, I knew we had a problem.  The prescription cream was simply treating the symptom, not addressing the problem.  And, the frequent use of the prescription cream seemed to make her skin break down easily because by the 2nd round of use, she had several little sores develop that stayed even after the rash was gone.

Actually, I probably should have realized we had a problem before that point but I'm doing the best I can do.  I'm just glad I identified the problem when I did.

I knew Candida was the problem but I simply didn't know where to start or what to do.   I knew her diapers needed something and I knew she needed something and I knew I was thankful for the yeast not transferring to her mouth and my breasts in the form of Thrush but I was getting no where on my own.

Thank goodness for good friends!

My friend, Mandi, swooped in and gave me very helpful advice, which I used to google more helpful advice and then I developed a plan:

1.  I washed her cloth diaper with a healthy shake of Tea Tree Oil, known for its antifungal properties.  Then because yeast hates sun, I left them on the clothesline for the duration of a very sunny and hot day.

2.  I started both kids on probiotics.  Even with the yeast, Liza's gut must have been nicely balanced because she had no issues at all starting the probiotics whereas it gave Henry's little tummy a run for it's money for the first few weeks.

3.  For 3 days, Liza was completely off fruits and carbohydrates to decrease the sugar in her body that the yeast thrive on.  Um, yeah.  I quickly realized all this baby eats is fruit and carbs.  Lets just say she ate lots of green peas and nursed nonstop during those few days.

4.  I ditched the prescription strength anti-fungal and popped several liquid capsules of Oil of Oregano, and mixed it with coconut oil to create a natural and effective antifungal diaper cream.

5.  Remember the sores I mentioned?  Those little spots now get a healthy smearing of Lansinoh Lanolin before I apply the Oil of Oregano coconut oil to her entire bottom.  Thanks, Karen, for that suggestion!  And, everything I use is cloth diaper safe which makes it even better!

So, yeah.

Her cute little tush is completely free of red creases and red streaks.  It's nice thing to see and even nicer knowing that I took an all-natural approach to healing her

And, I have to say that learning about these natural approaches is addictive.....and I've been in need of a new hobby.


Cassie said...

How sad about the sores buy awesome about the remedies. I have had a few battles with yeast when I nursed my first child, now two. But grapefruit seed extract works fantasic for yeast. You have to to dilute it first. But I always sprayed that on my breasts and then in his mouth. It really helps.
I just had a baby girl 4 months ago and have had no yeast problems with her. But we give probiotics, dont eat any grains or sugar (paleo) and I put coconut oil on after showers. I'm really not going to get it. The biggest change was probably diet though.
I've heard oil of oregano has a lot of different uses I should look it up :)
Glad you guys got it taken care of, yeast is the worst!!

...sarah. said...

Hooray for sweet (pain-free) baby bottoms! I got some cocnut oil recently and my dear hubby asked, "What in the world will you do with this?" I said... "Um. Everything!"

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Awesome Laura!

Is it normal to have an upset tummy for a while after starting a probiotic? How long can it take to balance out?

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Cassie, I chose the oregano because the healthfood store was out of grapefruit seed extract....and I can't imagine eating a paleo diet! I am trying to cut the family back on grains but we are all carbotarians and Lia is obsessed with fruit so she gets plenty of sugars. Although I should go back and add that I cut out all grains and fruits from her diet for 3 days too at the very beginning and I could tell an immediate improvement. Thanks for the comment!

Sarah, seriously! The stuff is awesome.

Kaitlin, from what I've read it's pretty normal and just a sign that the gut flora is not in check as it should be. We need to talk water kefir!!!! I've been wanting to get that going for the longest time but have yet to make the move to buy the grains.

Mandi @ Living the Good Life said...

Water kefir = goodness. I wish when we moved I wouldn't have let a lot of my grains/culture die (I gave most away b/c I knew with a brand new bebe, moving and Will starting back to school i wouldn't be on top of it, but I wish the ones I kept including my kefir grains I'd not killed). BUT if you come tonight to Zorba's at 6 for Cafe Scientifique, I'm quite certain nancy will be talking about kefir. I'm not sure how one can speak on cultured/probiotic foods and not!

And when your ready, you can join Reyna and I on our quasi paleo/primal diets! I do cheat and occasionally have grains, but I do try my darndest to be wheat/gluten free. ;)Oh, come winter I have a feeling I'll be missing some homemade wheat filled bread though!