Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This girl

This girl.......

is 13 months old
loves fruit and carbohydrates
signs: water, thank you, cat, dog, airplane, more, wash, swing, eat, hat, horse, fish
plays on the equipment at the park all by herself....and has only fallen down the steps once
thinks her brother is the best thing ever
has recently gotten very grabby and demanding about nursing when and where she wants to
loves pulling a cushion off the couch so she can have a seat that is easy to get in and out of
enjoys playing in the dirt as much as big brother
has had a yeasty diaper rash for forever and I just identified thrush on her tongue -- more on that later
rides in the stroller only for her daddy
enjoys reading books as much as everybody else in her little family
loves loves loves cats and dogs
has 2 molars, with #3 and 4 cutting as we speak
gives open mouth kisses with her tongue out
pinches and scratches my collarbone while she nurses to sleep - ow!
is so very very cute
is so very very sweet
is so very very much loved!


sarah said...

she is soooo beautiful!

Jamilie said...

She's a cutie!! Isabella pinches the collarbone too!! WTH!

dd said...

She is a doll!! Kjell likes to scratch some too!! Any good websites for baby sign language? dd