Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We love our Dawgs!

Our first tailgate of the season was a hit.
State fans are excited about the big win over Memphis
but I am in love with football season sheerly for the tailgating.

What can I say?

I'm a fan of.....

dressing in maroon and white,
walking to campus,
visiting with friends,
drinking beer and eating yummy food.

The football game is merely a reason to convene.

While everyone else was at the game,
I watched Phelps and Henry play nonstop.
Good thing Miss Priss doesn't like big crowds and loud noises.

Phelps has officially usurped Lawson Joy's place in Henry's life.
And, I do believe her mother has taught her well how to pose for pictures!

"Henry, turn around for a picture."

Tailgating was going splendidly, until......
Henry decided the frog chair was his chair.

It obviously didn't matter to him that the frog chair did not belong to him.
To quote Henry...."muh".

The chair "belonging" to Henry was okay
until Anneliese returned from the game and Henry lost Phelps' favor.
The chair now belonged to her.

He was pretty pissed to not be sitting in the frog chair.
Can you tell?

At this time, I realized it was 10pm and time for the Dearmans to load up the stroller with their excessive amount of stuff and head back home.

Can't wait until Thursday night for the next home game!

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The Dumas Clan said...

well.....thanks Laura for watching Miss Priss during the game. I am glad she entertained Henry.

P.S. I need to work on her posing technique because it would have been MUCH cuter with the MSU bows in place in those sweet pigtails!