Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Henry is picking up new words every hour of the day. Taylor and I love seeing him wrap his lips around a new word and make it his own.
The only catch is that most words have many multiple meanings...

For example, "mynah" does not refer to a bird that likes to imitate sounds.

However, mynah does mean....

Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Meemee, his grandmother
Amelia, his friend

and most likely, a whole host of other words I haven't picked up on yet.

Rocking Mynah in Liza's carseat.

Sharing a carrot and slice of deli meat with Mynah.

While he loved playing with Mynah aka Mickey, Mynah aka Minnie did not make the cut and was cast aside for the weekend.....

Quite confusing.

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TheDearmanFamily said...

When the last straw was drawn, he adamantly demanded that I put both of them to sleep on the two pillows of the bed he slept on that weekend. They did not dare stir under his watchful, brooding gaze.