Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dinnertime with the Dearmans.

Typically, I start casually preparing dinner around 4pm. Henry likes hanging out in the kitchen 'helping' and nibbling on whatever I chop up for dinner. But, once Taylor gets home at 5, the kitchen clears out while I cook and listen to 'All Things Considered' on NPR. Taylor and Henry play outside until dinner is ready and do whatever they do that causes Henry to get filthy head to toe....

But, last night was different and I liked it!

Henry has a cold and with his propensity to go from a cold, to a nasty cold, to Wheezing Lethargic Boy, he and Taylor hung out with me last night rather than playing outside.

Dinnertime with the Dearmans:

Henry very clearly communicates his unhappiness with me for chopping up onions and garlic. Can we say, Mr. Sensitivity?

I won't lie.
I like cooking and I like cooking the way I like to cook,
with little or no help from a certain man who doesn't always follow my explicit directions in the kitchen.
In other words, I was feeling nice last night....

Me: Henry, show me your new ball.
H: Watch this! as he touches the plant he knows is off limits.

Where is Liza?
Chilling in the sling, her favorite place to be!

Henry lets everyone know that the baby swing is "muh".
Ummmm, no it's not.
But he wasn't super reasonable at the moment so I said,
"Yep, it's yours."

Masoor Daal with brown rice.

I snapped this picture because it cracked me up that Henry picked something off the floor and put it in his mouth.
It was a screw. Lovely.

My view as I ate a wonderful, homemade, vegetarian meal with my family.

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Melissa said...

Just finished watching Food, Inc. this evening. Might have to join the veggie lovers afterall ;)