Saturday, September 25, 2010

Night Night.

I very loosely follow the "eat-play-sleep" schedule.

This girl loves to nurse and is turning into a very efficient little nurser.

Liza spends her playtime standing up on her wobbly legs
and making lots and lots of eye contact.
Super cute.

Liza is still in the sleep-all-the-time newborn stage.
She completely poops out after an hour of awake time.
Have I mentioned I love that about her?
I love it.

Notice I said that I follow this schedule very loosely.
I'm not a super structured person so it doesn't bother me a bit to do things out of order whenever the need arises.

Like our daytime routine, we have a loose little nighttime routine.......

This baby pees gallons at a time so my new passion in life is wool diaper covers and triply stuffing them for nighttime. I'm planning an upcoming post on cloth diapers and the wonder of wool. For now, I'll just say that it might look bulky but she stays dry until the morning.

We *heart* the Miracle Blanket.
I am firm believer in the wonder of a tight swaddle for a little baby and the Miracle Blanket delivers.
Definitely a product I wish I'd had with Henry.

Not a normal part of our bedtime routine but it seemed right at the moment.

Happy baby....unless that paci falls out before she is fast asleep.

Have I mentioned I love this girl and her easy little ways?


Greaby Family said...

I had to laugh at her bulky diaper, but I am glad it keeps her dry! you look so in love with her, and I can see why! she is precious!

Claudia said...

The diaper is hilarious!! I love the "posing" picture of you and Liza!

Randi said...

She is such a sweetie!!!!

Anonymous said...

That diaper cracks me up! I understand it's necessity but still, lol :) Hah. I also love the Mommy and me pic <3- Amanda