Monday, September 6, 2010

How to make.....


The cast of characters:
garbonzo beans, in the sauce pan -
trial and error taught me hummus is smoothest when you boil the beans for several minutes first
garlic, in the plastic cup
lemons (2)
kosher salt
olive oil, if you look real hard, you can see it sitting on the windowsill...
Cute little boy standing on his bench

I cut the lemon in half.

Henry very ineffectively squeezes the juice of the lemon.
I distract him with a lemon to taste while I juice the remaining halves.

Yep, still sour.

Mmmm, lots and lots of garlic.
Henry is timid when it comes to helping peel the garlic.
Every time I offer him garlic to peel, he covers his eyes and says "ow".
Apparently, he had a bad experience at some point.
Licking the tahini off the spoon after I add several spoonfuls to lemon/garlic/salt mixture.

Adding the olive oil.
Initially, I handed him the bottle to pour into the bowl but I quickly realized that was a rookie mistake and poured the needed amount into a smaller bowl he could easily handle.

I missed taking a picture of Henry adding the beans to the food processor but he very diligently moved them from sauce pan without losing a single one.

Finished product....
Henry likes it!

Of course, Taylor likes it but he isn't picky.


Yep, little buddy, I like it too!

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Jodie said...

I just also made hummus the other day. Didn't have any tahini, though, and it tasted kinda like dirt. But I ate it anyway. Never occurred to me to boil the beans, huh, I'll try that.
Can you make tahini??