Thursday, September 2, 2010


Henry eats like a bird so I am taking a new approach to mealtimes. No longer is he my unofficial helper, it is now official. He is my Helper with a capitol H. His tasks include rinsing fruits and vegetables in the sink, dumping things into bowls, stirring and standing very very close to me as we talk about our upcoming meal. I hope if he invests energy and maintains ownership over the food, he will be more likely to eat it. And, I like to cook so he is always hovering anyway. Why not put him to work?

Is he eating more?
No. But, at least we are having fun.

I can always count on Henry's favorite foods to satisfy him but we added a new fave to the list this week.....
My attempt at a green smoothie.

He liked it!

My Helper dumped the following ingredients into the food processor:
silken tofu
frozen berries
mushy strawberries from the back of the fridge
orange juice
flax meal

We are dairy free AND ezcema free (!) for the first time in his life or I would have added plain yogurt to the mix.

It was pretty thick because we ran out of OJ and he refused to let me add applesauce so Henry decided he needed to use a spoon.

But, as always, the utensil is more hassle than it is worth so he went back to slugging it down from the cup.

We have half a block of silken tofu left so we will be doing some more smoothie experiments!


childsplay said...

I can't believe he ate that...did you try it too? kids will eat anything! I'm so glad you are posting all the time!

theelliottfamily said...

So, do you think taking away the dairy solved the ezcema? Just wondering?? We have it terribly right now.