Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This is Henry.

You guessed it.
He was pretending the stick was a "shooter".  Lovely.  Even more lovely is the intense look on his face.  It's almost scary.  I would like to pretend he is practicing his Davy Crockett killed him a b'ar when he was only 3 pose in front of this rustic log cabin but I would be lying to myself.  This look surfaces when he carefully aims his shooter, smushes ants with a vengeance or is in a general mood of destruction. 

So, yeah.  I see that look more often than I would prefer. 

Even with the evil look on Henry's face, I absolutely adore this picture......sweet little Cousin Martha in the background.  Both kids looking at the camera and sitting still at the same time.   A snapshot of the crazy week my kids and I stayed with my sister's family to visit after the birth of their new baby boy. 

And, honestly, I love the evil look.  

This is Henry in all his 3 year old glory.  


childsplay said...

It is a good picture....and I have to say I like the evil look too - in this picture...it's a good look...it's a good way to predict what's he's about to do when he gets all intense and shows his look...very sweet of you to say sweet cousin Martha - was this before or after she pinned him down with her wrestling moves??? As always we had a great time and want ya'll to move to TLH!

Laura @ Our Messy Messy Life said...

Ha! Martha is as sweet and as rough, in her own way, as Henry. I'm pretty sure this is my most favorite picture of these two ever.