Friday, November 4, 2011

Bulk Coconut Oil By the Numbers.

2........equally thrifty friends.
1........of which being me and the other being Kaitlin who has a fabulous blog of her own.
1........big idea to buy 5 gallons of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions to share.
640....ounces are in 5 gallons.  I am not a number person so this came as a surprise to me.
135....dollars for our 5 gallons of coconut oil.
21......cents per ounce for high quality coconut oil.  This is *BIG* because I usually spend.....
1........dollar per ounce for coconut oil at my local grocery store.  Ridiculous.
7........days of waiting for a coupon code for free shipping to appear on Tropical Traditions Faceboook page.
44......dollars of shipping saved!!!!

1........picture of my current stash of 106 ounces of coconut oil that Blogger refuses to load.  Check back later to see my artfully composed picture of mason jars and old spaghetti jars sitting on my kitchen counter.  Normally, I would hold out until tomorrow when the picture will (hopefully) load but I gotta post today's post for NaBloPoMo and it's already 8:45pm and we all know I don't like to do anything resembling anything work after my children go to sleep and loading this picture is promising to be too much work for me.


Apparently, correcting run-on sentences is too much work too.

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