Saturday, November 5, 2011

Can she be any cuter?


Can she be any cuter?

She is super cute proudly sporting her maroon and white....

and pigtails!!!!

Does it get any cuter?

Well...her budding love of all things books is pretty cute too.

Feigning sleep in a little bitty chair is pretty cute, too.

Although, it might be possible to be *even* cuter if she actually chose to really and truly sleep at night or during her sad excuse of a nap during the day.

The jury is in:

She can not be any cuter.

I do believe we have reached the outer boundaries of cuteness.



melissa said...

Oh, my. She is awfully cute. Pigtails do me in, every time. I wish they would stay in Annabelle's hair, but perhaps its for the better since I would get nothing done if they did. I'd be too busy staring at the cuteness all day! You got some fabulous pictures!

AKD said...

She is so precious! I am so jealous that you have a July baby who will let you do her hair!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Thanks, ladies!!!

Angie, she is pretty tolerant about the pigtails and I put her hair in a little ponytail tonight and she was fine with it but she usually pulls her bow out immediately. We are still working on that :)

dd said...

She is always so cute!!! I will have to show Kjell when he gets home.....he still has a soft spot for her!! =) dd