Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gladness: Refuge Style

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This morning I was glad to meet my friend, Mandi, and her boys at our local wildlife refuge.

Truth be told, I wasn't very glad about Liza's 15 minute car nap at 10am that I knew would ruin her real nap but I sure was glad she didn't scream the whole time in the car.

The big boys were glad to be together and free to explore.  They were excited about the trail and took off running.........

Still running........

Yep, they beat us there by a mile.

I was glad that didn't do something crazy and foolhardy before we could make it to the outlook.

I wasn't so glad about all the contention that straw sippy cup caused between my children but I am glad they didn't complain about being thirsty since I accidentally left their cups in the car.

Tripp was glad just to eat his pomegranite,
until Henry kicked him in the head.


Charlie was glad at the opportunity to attempt to scale the safety barrier.

Henry was glad to...well, I'll just say he was glad to be three.
And, everything that being three entails.

Liza was glad to have new things to claim as "mine".
Poor girl probably would have been a bit gladder had her hair not been in her face all morning.

I was glad to enjoy a beautiful 80 degree November day with good friends surrounded by lovely scenery.

Oh yeah.
I was also glad nobody was injured by two little boys wielding sticks.
An impressive feat if you know these two busy little boys.

I was....and still am....glad.

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Anonymous said...

And just why don't we rent those children out for college money? I mean for commercials--not people.