Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We love BLW!

What's not to love about baby-led weaning?

It certainly is working beautifully for our little girl:

 a whole egg yolk

chunk of steamed sweet potato

handful of chopped spinach

slice of potato frittata - she loved the different flavors!

homemade bread
More details about why we love BLW to follow in another post on another day.


Jude and Alisha said...

So big! So cute!

Brian said...
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MonicaPAllen said...

She is Beautifull! Love seeing children eating healthy and fresh foods:) It makes me happy!

childsplay said...

very cute is BLW basically skipping baby food and going to real food?

♥♥♥ said...

So glad to see someone else giving their baby "big people", as I've heard it called, food. Ilove your blog :)

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Thanks, yall! She is cute, right?

Monica, we love some fruits and veggies at our house :)

Lizbeth, yep. Skip the puress and straight to food she picks up and eats herself. Exactly what we did with Henry, minus the tears, drama and OT....

Imogen @ Alternative Mama said...

More fans of BLW over here! C loves chomping on bananas and bread. and strawberries. and anything else he can get his pudgy little hands on :D