Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, MSU!

Last year, I was so confused why MSU hosted a huge birthday bash to celebrate the university's 132nd birthday.  This year, I simply chose to get excited about an event with free hamburgers, cake, MSU ice cream (although we didn't partake), live music, beautiful blue skies and great friends to share the day.

Why yes, that is the world's 2nd largest Jumbotron you see.
I'm impressed.  Are you?

These were seriously the only pictures I took that day.
Busy hands, busy mouth and busy children do not equate to quality photos.

Mama friends....with some daddies in tow.

Liza is at her best when we are around lots of people to entertain her.

She was a total doll the entire day...
playing with the straps of my new Boba
and hanging out with her bestie, Charlotte.

Again, not a good picture at all of the two babies but trust me, they are super cute together.

To be Taylor's son is to firmly believe a sunny day means a shirtless day.
To be Henry is to spill a drink on your pants and have a total meltdown because your pants are wet.
To be Laura is to consider yourself lucky that 
a) the child had on underwear
b) you convinced the child to keep the underwear on.
To be Tripp is to be thrilled that your buddy thought to take his shirt off!

Happy Birthday, MSU!
I am looking forward to next years 134th birthday bash!

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