Monday, March 28, 2011

500 posts.

Blogger claims this is blog post #500.  I'm not sure if that includes unfinished and unpublished drafts but nonetheless, this is post #500.  And, it's my birthday!  Yes.  You are welcome to give me adulations, cake and champagne.  I will gladly welcome it all.  
500 posts is a major milestone and has me ruminating the humble beginnings of my blog: 

My first post -- coincidentally, posted on Liza's birthday, two years prior -- was about our dogs.  The little dog went to puppy dog heaven the following Christmas and the big dog found a lovely new home with a runner the following spring.  Gone but not forgotten.  Seriously.  Not forgotten.  They have plenty of blog posts to  help me remember their sweet little selves.

Post #2 featured unborn Baby Henry's room.  "Thanks to Mama and Lizbeth, Henry has a pretty new crib which I plan on being fully utilized by a sleeping baby."  Yep.  This quote reminds me how my parenting styles have changed over the past two years.  Liza has been welcome to join us in our bed in the middle of the night for the past few months while cosleeping was not even an option in my mind during Henry's infancy.  

In Post #3 you can tell I have seriously changed my thoughts on childbirth since Henry's birth.  I was thoroughly pleased with my highly managed and very medicated birth.  It was exactly what I wanted at the time and was the birth experience I anticipated.  180 degrees from Liza's birth?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

500 posts.  2 babies.  2 dogs.  1 cat.  New jobs.  House bought.  Scooters bought and sold.  Vacations.  Sleeping.  Not sleeping.  Baby born at home.  Food cooked.  Big happenings.  Little happenings.  Thoughts and beliefs formulated and refined.  Our life.


Taylor Dearman said...

Happy Birthday, Love!

childsplay said...

Happy Birthday Laura - have you checked your email yet??

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Lizbeth, I responded to your email. Did you not get it? I am on my way to Etsy now that Liza is napping :)

The Quinns said...

Happy Birthday Laura! It's my mom's birthday too, and Reba McIntyre's as well. For some reason it appears I will never ever forget that fact... Anyway, hope it's a good one!!!