Wednesday, March 16, 2011

top 10 things I love about my son.

1.  His feet seriously pitter patter all over our hardwood floored house.  There is no missing his precise location even if he is not within eye shot.

2.  When he wants to listen to music, he says "I wanna dance."  And, he is serious business about his need to dance.  Slow songs do not make the cut.  He needs to boogie and he needs loud music with a strong beat to get him in the groove.

3.  He loves loves loves his daddy.  Seriously.  He loves his daddy.  Taylor can make everything right in Henry's world with a "let's play".

4.  Henry loves running down the sidewalk in front of our house pretending he is one of the millions of college kids who seem to get a kick out of exercising.  We'll be walking around sloooowly looking at every ant and crack in the sidewalk and then *bam* he is inspired by a runner and taking off down the sidewalk.

5. I might complain about him being too rough with baby sister but she is always on his mind.  He is still adjusting to the fact that she is eating food since I've been lecturing him since birth that Liza only drinks mama's milk.  But, he is obsessed with his new hobby of giving her one pea at a time on her high chair tray.  So sweet and willing to help.

6.  His favorite number is 2.  He needs two of everything.  The only catch is that he is rarely satisfied and always wants more so he begs for "two" when he really means he wants at least 5 or 6.

7.  He takes 3.5 hour naps every day.  Love it.

8.  Helping is a major hobby.  He loves pouring and mixing the best.

9.  I'm pretty sure we've created a reader which means a lot to his two reader parents.  The kids loves books and can attentively sit through a loooong story book.

10.  Henry has only gotten out of bed and walked into the front room once in the morning without alerting us to the fact that he was awake.  How did we know he was up?  We heard a *thunk* and a *bang* and then the sounds of our cat scurrying out the doggy door.  Henry was quite pleased to announce he "hit Jiji".  I chose to be glad he hit the cat so at least we knew he was awake and out on his own.

Yes.  He is 2.5.  Yes.  He frustrates me on a daily basis.

But, he is my first born baby and I love the little boy he is growing up to be.


KazVik said...

That's so sweet that he wants to help feeding his baby sister. My boys can't wait to feed Benjamin.

I follow one fun blog, I thought you'll enjoy it, too. This post can be related to feeding baby sister.

It was fun to see you guys the other day, too. Thanks for your order. I can't wait to get our stuff.

Jen said...

Love it! what an amazing kid!