Wednesday, March 2, 2011

favorite randomness.

I found this "biiiiiig" Sesame Street book at Taylor's parents house last time we visited. 
If I were Liza, my feelings would be hurt that Henry now refers to Oscar the Grouch as "Lila". 
Seems rude, huh?

I  remember why I was so happy when Henry graduated out of this lovely antique high chair.
It is a beeotch to clean.  Seriously.
At least I am more inclined to wipe down her tray since Taylor built a new one that isn't grooved and ridged and stained with stuck-on spinach.
She sure does look cute.  Right, Lizbeth?

Yeah.  I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite picture of Henry.
Chocolate almond milk mustache + devastation that the chocolate milk is all gone + a "tunic" that Taylor insists is perfect for early morning wear = a perfect picture.

She's just so sweet.  I can't even stand it.
Well.....I guess I can stand it when I'm looking at her sweetness all.night.long.
 Every two hours. 

Yes.  You guessed it.
This sweet sibling moment quickly devolved into Henry biting those little bitty fingers she so innocently placed in his mouth.
Time-outs are now specially reserved for times when Henry purposely hurts Liza.
For the time being, these time-outs are highly effective and Henry is always quick to tell me what he did wrong and say his garbled version of "I'm sorry" and give little sister a kiss on the cheek.

The good.
The not so nice.
The dirty.
The sleeplessness.

It's all ours and we are proud to own it all!


BrownFamily said...

great pictures! That highchair is so beautiful!

Out of India said...

Oh my goodness. I love how much you get to enjoy the lives of our precious grandchildren. By posting we get to enjoy with you.

Mollyandollie said...

You're awesome. I think Oliver and I had better get down to Mississippi to meet you. Aunt Jessie would probably like a visit too!

Aspiring Earth Mama said...

Such beautiful babies!!

childsplay said...

Yeah. I love the pictures. Thanks for showing them in action. So cute. Hen looks like Tay in the tunic. And no surprise that he wants his shirt off that is so Tay too. Love yall