Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a soft-structured carrier.

Random women I don't know, several times a week:  What kind of carrier is that?

Me:  This specific brand is a Boba but the style is a soft-structured carrier.  Maybe you've heard of the Ergo; it's a popular brand.  It is just as easy to wear on my back and she usually hangs out on my back when we are home.  I love it.

That's my current babywearing spiel in a nutshell.  And, seriously, I dispense my little nutshell on a regular basis.  Babywearing is not the norm around here -- unless you are my friend because I have great friends like that -- and these mamas have a genuine interest in learning how I wear my 7 month old with such ease.

If you are one of those mamas........

I introduce to you my much beloved and well-used Boba, a soft-structured carrier (SSC):

If you are thinking, "But my Baby Bjorn was so uncomfortable" think again.  Bjorns are crap carriers.  I said it.  They are crap carriers and in no way, shape or form anyway related to a good SSC.  Babies dangle from their crotches in a Baby Bjorn's narrow little seat but a SSC's wide base makes a comfy seat for baby to sit in a natural hip-flexed position.  Comfy for mama (or daddy!) and for baby.  Seriously.

SSC are good for babyhood through toddlerhood.  I am every bit as comfortable with Henry on my back even though he is 2 years older than Liza.  They might seem spendy at first but if you plan on wearing your baby at every chance, it is well worth the money.

The chest strap:

Can you tell the strap moves up and down on a little fabric track?  I really like that because the placement of the chest strap depends on whether Liza is on my front or my back.

The hip strap:

It's big.  And, that is a good thing when you wear a big baby or a toddler.  The hip strap is designed to sit on your hips which is key to evenly distribute baby's weight.

The sleeping hood:


When Liza was smaller, I questioned the necessity of the sleeping hood.  It seemed gimmicky and unnecesssary.  I was wrong.  Very wrong.  Now that Liza is big enough for her head to flop back while sleeping in the carrier, the hood keeps her little neck in the proper position.  It also serves to limit distractions in her line of sight as she falls asleep and is a signal to her that it is time for a nap.  Summer is breezing it's way into our area and the sleeping hood has done a great job of keeping the sun off her face on long walks.

*Please note this is not a review of the Boba, a company which has never heard of me or my blog and is is in no way affiliated with this post.  I am simply breaking down the elements of soft-structured carriers and I happen to own a Boba which has brought nothing but joy to my life.

This is the first post in a series all about babywearing.  Like cloth diapers, I think babywearing can be intimidating and the amount of information overwhelming.  Have a specific question?  Let me know and I'll try to help you out. 

Do you wear your baby or toddler?


Mandi S. said...

You have really gotten lots of questions lately. The lady at the park today thankfully did not go off into a TMI spill about her deadbeat husband like the woman at that!

I heart my ergo. That is handsdown an essential baby/toddler item in this household. It was my hubby's one and only baby gift when I was preggo with Tripp 4 years ago (omg!) and we've both used it plenty...add another baby to the roster and it has MORE than paid for itself! A SSC is my favorite carrier and I've tried them all (well, not the crap carriers b/c i did my homework before hand)!

I also heart a babywearing series on your blog :)

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Yay for a babywearing blog series!

I absolutely love wearing Hannah in the Moby. And she loves it more than I do.

We got a Beco SSC because it was the most versatile one I found-front or back or hip and can face in or out (front only). I've used it a little bit, but at this point the Moby is more comfortable. I know when she gets a little bigger we'll love our Beco.

MrsP said...

Love my Ergo <3

BrownFamily said...

I'm excited for this series! I got a babyhawk about a month ago and wore my 8 month old to the park for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was great! I reaaly need to master getting her in a back carry by myself without the bed as my safety :)

Becky said...

Since I plan to babywear the girl, I have questions!! I'm really curious about the Moby but am super concerned it will be too hot and uncomfortable during the heat of the summer. And I've also asked you about slings vs. wraps vs. pouches ...

Rebecca said...

I have a friend who LOVES her ergo. I wore CA in the moby yesterday and actually liked it better than the maya. although not sure CA liked it, ended up taking her out of it...maybe it was too tight. I really want to figure this babywearing thing out, so convenient!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Mandi, I was really liking
our conversation with that woman until she started about her deadbeat husband......

Kaitlin, you will definitely love the Beco once Hannah is bigger.

MrsP, yep, Ergos are awesome! i used a borrowed Ergo for the longest time before I found my Boba for a great price on Zulily.

BrownFamily, I need to know your name! I can't find it anywhere on your blog. Find a good youtube video and practice a million times, with and without your girl. I prefer to put Liza on my hip and scoot her around under my arm pit but it's all a matter of personal preference. The Japanese woman on 'Babies' laid her baby on top of that style carrier and then picked her up by the armpits and slipped her over her head. Does that even make sense?

Becky, it's gonna be hot no matter what..... Isn't Courtney making you a sling? On my posts about stretchy wraps, I am going to link a tutorial for making your own Moby style wrap. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to one for the next baby. Mamas sure do seem to love them with little babies.

Rebecca, if she isn't used to being worn it might take her a little while to get used to it. I would wrap her up and then go on a long walk so can she be jiggled to sleep. You have to keep moving at all times. And, it is so convenient. I really can't imagine not wearing Liza.

Mollyandollie said...

Nice!! I am in the process of making a baby pocketbook...Yes, baby in a pocket book...Super easy to carry and a very versatile. Just another way to carry those little ones. Can't wait to read more!

Becky @ The Leverett Life said...

Yep ... Court's making a ring sling. But I'm open to others as well!

LoriV said...

Well, I ordered a Boba last week and it arrived today. I can't wait to test it out after Ethan's nap. (I got the green one - Pine.) It is very soft and looks gorgeous! I know we will love it. Thanks for your reviews of all these different types of carriers.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Lori, you are going to love it! Don't be scared to get that baby on your back :)