Monday, November 24, 2008

Not me! Monday

I have been inspired by Claire H. and MckMama..........

I did not make a dessert for our tailgate that included 1.5 sticks of butter and 3 different types of chocolate. I certainly did not leave half of this dessert at home to ensure that I had plenty to eat in guiltfree privacy. And, I certainly am not dropping buttery crumbs on my laptop as I type this confessional.

I did not drink alot of beer with my baby tied to me by a 15ft piece of cloth at the football game on Saturday.

I did not take my baby out during a thunderstorm because I was not inspired by the thought of a possible bluejean sale at several local stores. No sales were found.

For the past two weeks, I did not think that I was finished Christmas shopping for all the babies in our family. I did not completely forget about one little child.

I did not decorate the interior of my house for Christmas 5 days before Thanksgiving. I definitely did not get upset and call my husband a scrooge for not embracing my Christmas spirit.

What have you NOT done?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

hi big sis! i am so glad i found you through LT. henry is so cute! i'm glad you are living in starkville! it is such a great place to live. i miss it every day.