Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baptism and MSU football cont.

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Finally, I have the ability to upload video. Blogger doesn't always like my photos and definitely doesn't like my videos. Anyway....this video clearly shows Henry's new hobby -- sucking on his hands. Since Saturday when this video was taken, he has final gained enough control of his hands to unhook his thumb and stick it and his pointer finger in his mouth together. This morning he gagged himself because his finger was so far down his throat.

Also, what do you think about the vintage MSU shirt from Lizbeth's babyhood?

The Meigs Boys

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Our priest has quite a sense of humor...

My dad looking as though he owns this tailgate (which he doesn't).

I think Martha looks pretty cute in Lizbeth's belly.


theelliottfamily said...

Are you sure Henry belongs to Taylor? He doesn't look anything like him. HA!

lizbeth said...

I love the video and have watched it so many times already. the shirt's the best and martha will love also! wish I was there ... love ya'll

Lacey said...

yay for babies and baptisms! i want to meet henry.