Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hats and Teeth

I have taken a break from blogging during the past week or so....1. My pictures don't upload quickly and I get very frustrated very quickly (which is why I only have 2 pictures to share today) 2. I found myself obsessing over complete strangers' blogs (who knew how many quads and sextuplets families are out there in blogdom?), 3. I realized that I was sitting at my computer entirely too much, rather than actively playing with Henry or spending time with my husband during the evening.

However, I always like a test for my self control.....so, now I only (or try to...) only open my computer during his morning and afternoon naptime.

Isn't Henry's new winter hat cute? I think he looks like a little hedgehog. My ears hurt me badly when it is cold and even remotely windy outside. I worry about my little man having this same affliction, so he wears his hat whenever we go outside now. In fact, a little old lady at church told me that I am a good mother for putting a hat on my son -- I like compliments, even from strangers! He tolerates it nicely at first, but on extended walks he gets pretty pissy until you take off the hat. But, then I have to worry about him losing heat through his little head, so I just lay the hat on top of his head. That's pretty cute to see, too.
His hands are always in his mouth, nowadays. At a doctor's office a few weeks ago, he was sucking his hands so loudly that a woman turned around and said, "I do believe he is teezin."
(I spelled her pronunciation phonetically) She made me laugh and I was very eager to reply, "Yes, I do believe he is teezin."
One of many sweet pictures that I tried to upload for your viewing pleasure. However, my frustration is quickly rising at my/blogger's/my laptop's inability to upload my pictures -- so, what you see is what you get!!!


lizbeth said...

so cute, so cute! love him and ya'll - lizbeth

The Callaways said...

I love it! That is too funny! "teezin"