Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Our little family felt very lucky to be able to spent 5 nights in Foley with my parents. Most of the time was spent admiring my pretty baby...leading me to assume that we must have spent way too much time admiring the dogs before this baby came about. It seemed silly to cook all the Thanksgiving food we wanted for just 4 people, so we ate at The Gift Horse in downtown Foley. Absolutely delicious food -- including fried rolls, ridiculous, huh???

Oops, looks like I forgot about the flash again...

My mother finally allowed me to take a picture of her with Henry. I think it's pretty cute!!!

Henry finally met Taylor's oldest brother and his family. Ashlyn was very enthusiatic about this new 'baby cousin.' It seems that Henry is also interested in his own little "I'm strapped into this carseat and can't really turn around to look" way.

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