Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Date, A Concert,and A Deal

Taylor and I went out for the first time, together and alone, since the baby has been born. We had a lovely dinner at Bin 612 --I love their crunchy pizzas and I had the best cream of artichoke soup that you could ever imagine. Can you tell that Taylor was quite intrigued with the changing of the color on the ginkgo biloba leaf?
Hope was sweet enough to insist on keeping Henry for the night, although her household had been asleep for several hours when I finally made it to her house to pick him up. It was cute how she had him wedged between pillows to make a comfy bed for him on the couch.
I am still wrapping Henry to me on a regular basis. But, now that he is bigger and can hold his head up all the time, he can face out to the front. He is a big hit at Kroger...lots of compliments about my cute baby. On this occasion, we were walking down the street to our church to attend a harpsichord concert. Even though he slept through every piece, I like to think that the music still seeped into his brain. And, I greatly enjoyed the music and learning about the harpsichord. If you need facts about this instrument, I am full of information....I didn't think she would ever stop talking and actually play the damn thing.

Last week, I purchased this $200 Peg Perego highchair at Dirt Cheap for $68. Yes, it was Italian, and, yes, it was the highlight of my week even though my baby thought I was torturing him when I tried to get him to pose for a picture in his cute new highchair.

Rant: I was still feeling quite proud of myself about my highchair deal, when my sister called and told me that a $280 Britax carseat was on sale for $42 on Never one to pass up a deal, I purchased this carseat for when Henry outgrows his current seat. Can you believe that Target had the nerve to send me an email two days later saying that the item was mispriced and that they cancelled my order and would be glad to sell me the same item fro $280. Talk about mad.....

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Laurin said...

Laura... I'm so jealous! You know Dirt Cheap is my favorite store. Is there one in Starkville now? This will make you mad. I got the Britax Marathon at Hudson's Treasure Hunt (next best to Dirt Cheap) but it wasn't even $42, it was $100. i'm still excited though!