Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taylor and Henry

I have been informed that my blog needs more "verbiage" so here it goes...

Things have been pretty slow here since Henry's baptism two weeks ago. I've been getting sick easily since the baby's been born (2 bouts of mastitis, 2 stomach bugs, numerous colds) and it seems that everytime I get busy/stressed that I get sick and stay sick, so we have been laying low around the house more and taking it easy.

Henry never did adjust (rather, we never adjusted him) to the time change. Now he gets his bath at 6pm and wakes up between 5:30/6:30am. Henry is always in his best mood first thing in the morning, so Taylor gets up with him and wakes me up around 7:30 or 8. I haven't consulted my husband about this, but I will speak for him and say that these mornings are the best part of his day. Henry laughs and coos at Taylor ALOT more than he does with me and you can really tell that he knows who his daddy is. Henry especially loves when Taylor says 'Om' (aka 'the sound of the universe' in hindu) to him in his deep resonant voice. Henry squeals and giggles the entire time. Very cute. Very sweet.

No pictures today. Too lazy to find my camera and upload them. Soon.

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