Friday, November 21, 2008

What's so funny?

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Anonymous said...

Your daddy thought that it was me saying
"do something"!!!! The family line goes on and on. Did Henry just discover his tongue? Can't wait for your visit.


Out of India said...

Ted and I have watch the OMMMMMMMMMMM video so many times. We laugh out loud with Henry. We will be home in 19 days to hold him and make him laugh.

Love you all,

PS Ted bought me a pair of Australian Love Birds that look like tiny parrots. One slipped thru the crack in the India made cage.... Both are freaking out by being separated, but we can't catch the free one. What a dilemma.

Rebecca said...

Will does the same thing! He will be laughing and cooing and I wip out the video camera and nothing! I think I might have gotten something the other night...maybe?