Friday, March 16, 2012

Payday's Groceries.

As payday arrives, the fridge is empty.
The fruit has been long gone so my kids are happily snacking on carrots.
The rotten leftovers make me sad but the enthusiasm for the carrots definitely lighten the mood.

The morning of payday is spent meal planning and grocery list writing.

Can you tell little fingers grabbed the pen whilst shopping?

Post-grocery shopping is spent cleaning out the fridge and dumping out rotten leftovers.  
This week wasn't so bad on the leftover front but the chickens did enjoy the green and salmon cakes.

This is $140 worth of groceries spent at Wal-Mart (don't even get me started!) and Kroger.
The next 2 weeks are crazy so I only planned for 7 meals but I can always scrounge a meal if needed.
We will definitely run out of fruit but thank goodness for those 5 pound bags of organic carrots!  

Happy fridge!!!


Sylvia@Mamammalia said...

mmm, very interested in the sweet potato fritatta listed on your meal plan!

LauraOMML said...  I sub 2 sweet potatoes for the while potatoes in this recipe.  It is a traditional Spanish dish with white potatoes but I like it more and it is more nutritious with the sweet potato.  SO YUMMY.

hobomama said...

Nice haul! Your fridge looks so colorful.