Sunday, March 25, 2012

10 Tips for Starting a Blog:

1.  Just do it.  Stop talking about starting a blog and just do it.

2.  Blogger or Wordpress?  It doesn't matter.  Refer back to #1.

3.  Worried about the blog name and URL?  Don't be.  Follow your instinct and own your decision.

4.  Accept that your only readers will be your immediate family.  Be okay with that.

5.  Don't feel the need to write a novel for each post.  A single picture makes a lovely blog post and you know your parents will love it.

6.  Blog often.  According to Google Reader, I publish 2.8 posts a week.  I aim to blog at least every other day but some weeks are more conducive to blogging that others.  Personally, if I clean a lot, I don't blog a lot.  Let's just say my house is usually pretty messy.

7.  Can't think of a post topic?  Flip through the pictures on your camera.  Post a picture and describe the day's event.  Done.

8.  Decide before your first post to use your kids' real names or to make up cutesy fake internet names.  If I were to start my first blog today, the kids would be named Blueberry Boy, Cherry Girl and our non-existant baby would be Kiwi - collectively referred to as "my fruits".  And, the blog name would be "Fruit of My Womb".  Pretty damn cute if I say so myself!   Laura, refer back to #3.  Now.  

9.  No hurt feelings if nobody leaves comments.  Not everyone understands that blog comments are the new hug.  Hint.  Hint.  

10.  Blog for yourself.  Create a special place of your very own and relish in the fact that no small children can mess it up.

Do you blog?
Do you agree with my tips for starting out?


Amanda Bannon said...

:) I need to be more consistent with my blog. I am all over the place.

LauraOMML said...

Yes, you do, Amanda!  I like reading what you have to say.

mabyn theriault said...

I think those are pretty good tips for starting a blog and when i started, i dont think i was prepared for #4. i was kind of bummed when i didn't automatically have this huge readership but i'm ok with that now. i don't blog often enough for people to be interested in what i have to say :)

Lane Connerley said...

I love #9!  Comments are definitely the new hug.  Just the other day I was bummed out by my lack of comments.  So silly. :)

Lesley said...

((huge hugs)) :) you are right, i should leave more comments. 

Kyleigh Gray said...

I blog too! I did it to keep in touch with family and friends we made with the Navy. It helped a lot. Your tips are great for anyone looking to start a blog. 

LauraOMML said...

what is your blog address?

LauraOMML said...

I like the general rule of leaving a comment on every blog I read but I rarely do was good to see you today!

LauraOMML said...

Love your hugs :)

LauraOMML said...

Yep.  I started blogging so family could watch Henry grow up but then it became more of a me thing.  What is your url?