Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 Tips for Becoming a Mommy Blogger:

1.  Start a blog.  Duh.

2.  Choose a theme.  Quite obviously, my theme is natural parenting.  Not only is this my blog theme but this is also my thang.  Your thang might be homeschooling, sewing, vegan cooking, or being the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood.  No matter the theme, stick to it and blog on that topic regularly.

3.  Pimp your blog.  Add your blog url to the bottom of your email siggy, link to your blog frequently on your Facebook page, ask your favorite blogger to add you to their blog roll, list your blog name as your Google name and comment frequently on other blogs,  add your blog to every blog roll you can find, participate in blog carnivals and link up to plenty of Mr. Linky's.  If the opportunity arises, pimp it.

4.  Find a blog community.  It was so reassuring for me to find the Natural Parents Network and read other mama's blogs who share my same parenting values.  With a bajillion bloggers out in BloggyLand, there is sure to be an established network of bloggers sharing your blog's theme.

5.  Obsess over your blog's statistics.  Permission is granted.  Obsess.

6.  Blog frequently.  See #6.  The more your blog, the more hits you get.

7.  If you aren't savvy with blog design, hire someone who is.  I'm not.  At all.  Good thing Catherine of www.catdmoore.com is very talented!

8.  Be choosy with advertisers.  I'll be honest.  I'm still quite iffy about the BlogHer network.  I'm advertising products I would never buy and not making enough money to cover my very inexpensive thrifting habit .  Yet I like the air of legitimacy it gives my blog.  Crazy?  Perhaps.

9.  Get a thick skin.  Even though the only truly ugly comment I've ever received was written by an in real life friend which helped me realize she obviously wasn't much of a friend, I've had plenty of comments that aren't rainbows and unicorn farts.

10.  Stay true to yourself.  Your readers will appreciate it and you can be proud of to call your blog your own.

Anything to add?

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Michael and Mary Beth said...

I'm losing sleep reading your blog at night. Maybe one day I'll be all caught up!