Monday, March 12, 2012


1.  Henry's hair is long.  If he would cooperate, I could just about pull it up into a ponytail.  Mr. Messy and I think his long hair is pretty cute and after all, you are only little once but I still make sure he knows that he only has to say the word and Mr. Pete will cut his hair.  Yesterday's reminder ended with Henry telling me that he wants his hair "long long long long long.....long....long.....down to the ground."  Okay, little buddy.

2. Current shoe sizes:  Henry, 7 and Liza, 6.  And, why am I always so surprised when people ask if they are twins?

3.  Liza is a mini-me.  My whole life I've heard my parents talk about my need to "do it myself".  Well, Liza gives a firm "me" with a thumb in her chest and insists on doing everything herself -- getting dressed, changing diapers, buckling herself in the car, cutting up her apple, peeling her orange, putting her shoes on.  Do you have the mental image of all these things a 19 month old can't do no matter her level of determination?  There has been a lot of screaming with this new found level of independence.

1.  I am sick of the mud.  I want my children to play outside with getting covered head to toe in mud within 3 minutes.  Actually, it isn't so bothersome with Henry but Liza doesn't like dirty hands or feet.  A difficult feat when you are playing in a huge mud pit.

2.  I am completely caught up on laundry.  My hampers are empty.  Can I get an amen from the choir?

3.  We strongly suspect Henry is allergic to shellfish due to an ug-lee reaction to a mysterious something in Mexico at 20 months old.  The plan is to keep him away from all shellfish until he is old enough to tell us his throat is closing up.  I'm a bit concerned about summertime and crawfish boils so we have been talking to Henry about his allergy to shellfish.
Mr. Messy:  Henry, what are you allergic to?
Henry:  *long pause*  Hmmmm,  I don't like soup.
Me:  Ha ha!  'I don't like soup.'
Henry:  Me neither, Mama!

1. I love unloading all sorts of random vegetables into spaghetti for no one but me to know about.  It was a highlight of my day today.

2.  I'm feeling the need to confess that my 'tv show hating' skills are currently up to no good.  Henry watches one of our 3 dvd's everyday during Liza's naptime.  And, I understand why people let their kids watch tv.  I officially get it.

3.  Liza needs me to completely surrender to sleep and fully relax my body in order for her to fall asleep at night.  Let's just say I've had a spate of early bedtimes.  Early.

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