Saturday, August 20, 2011 answers

1.  What is bravery?  Where do you draw the fine line between bravery and foolhardiness?

2.  What is a feminist?  Am I a feminist?  Does believing a woman's body should be used as designed during birth and lactation a feministic thought?

3.  Should Henry go back to Speech Therapy?  Can other people understand him?  Can other people understand any three-year-old?

4.  Why do I always build up the weekend in my mind and then get pissy by noon on Saturday when my great expectations are dashed?  Why do I not circumvent this pissiness by finding activities to get me out of the house?

5.  Would a 3rd baby push me even closer to whatever this edge I'm so carefully teetering?  When will the teetering stop?  Do other moms teeter on this edge?  Do other people use the word "teeter"?

**Update** We did, in fact, decide Henry needs more Speech Therapy.  He should start back soon and we are looking forward to helping him express himself better!


Taylor Dearman said...

1. The line is drawn when it involves injuries and blood.
2. No and No.
3. Yes, No, and No.
4. I don't know and I don't know
5. Yes. Until we return to Europe with the just the two
of us. Most likely. Only people with huge

Lane said...

I ALWAYS build up the weekend and get disappointed too. It's a terrible trait that I should put a stop to, but so far I haven't!

Also, I teeter on that edge and I only have one.

Laurin said...

I don't have many answers but some of the same questions... especially about the 3rd baby and teetering. Everyone warned me that 2 babies are so much harder than one. I thought they were crazy until about a month ago. Now I'm definitely teetering... some days I'm over the line (in the wrong direction). I think if I plan on a 3rd, it will definitely not happen until Stella is three. That sounds like a good temporary plan.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Tay, I think we will have to discuss your answers tonight....

Lane, don't say "only" one baby!!! Maybe part of the problem with the weekend is that their really isn't anything to do in this town anyway.

Laurin, it got hard with me when Liza became mobile. Same with you?

Anonymous said...

3. I would say if you ever question your child's development, you should see a specialist. We have a two-year old (28 months) who we can understand perfectly 80% of the time. He uses very concise sentences and some words I think are a little big (but he had to hear them somewhere). I think this is partially the product of me being home with him alone most days and answering approximately 1,265,744 questions His speech did pick up in the fall around 20 months when I started sending him to a MMO program two mornings a week. A child psychologist recommended it because they wouldn't be able to anticipate his needs and he would have to become more verbal. It worked.
We did take him to see an orthopedist because he has pretty severe knock-knees. He didn't see anything wrong, but we are not satisfied. We are making an appointment with a pediatric orthopedist at our state's children hospital. We don't want to look back in three years and realize we missed something because we didn't trust our intuition.
And if nothing else, don't you think Henry would enjoy some one on one attention without a little sister around? Maybe he could even 'teach' her new things after he is done with his therapist.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

S, totally agree with what you said. I am a big believer that parents have to be the best advocate for their child and seek professional help when anything is questionable. He was re-evaluated by a speech therapist a few weeks ago and I think we will start back soon.

Good luck with the orthopedist!

Kristi said...

I had the thought at his party that his speech has come a long way since he did therapy last time. Sorry I didn't say anything at the time!