Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm glad I breastfeed when......

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.....Liza's love of her mama's milk lets me lay in bed for an extra 20 minutes in the morning. girl is teething, as in right now, and nothing makes her feel better than some quiet time in her dark bedroom.'s a thousand degrees outside, as in right now, and little girl discovers the joy of having mama in a bandeau swimsuit top in the baby pool with her. babies were laid on my chest immediately after birth and I was able to fulfill their first instinctual need.
.....we are in the car and Liza won't.stop.crying.  It's not super comfy wedged between two rearfacing convertible carseats but it's worth the big lean to get my baby happy again.
.....we are in an airplane.  The other passengers are glad too.  Trust me.'s bedtime and little girl is hyped to the max from her brother that wishes he had a brother for wrestling purposes.  Nothing calms her down and sends her to slumber like her mama's milk.
.....I need to make a phone call during the day.
.....I need to check my email during the day.
.....I need to check facebook during the day.  Get the idea?
.....eyes are red and goopy, ears are infected, baby has baby acne, Henry has a funky infected finger, etc.  Yes, I consider breastmilk a general panacea for all ills. girl is hungry, yet throws every bit of fruits and veggies on the ground.
.....Henry pushes, kicks, hits, snatches.  Sadly, this is a common source of milk around our house.
.....Liza wakes up from her once-a-day nap too early.  Mama milk to the rescue.
.....I read yet another statistic  about how we live in the fattest state in the country with the highest rates of diabetes, infant mortality, heart disease, and various cancers and I feel good knowing I am giving my babies the very best start in life.
.....little girl signed her very first 'thank you' after nursing!


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angie said...

Thanks for the memories! Mine are 9 and 10 so breastfeeding is in the past now, but I did love it so!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Thanks for reading and glad I could take on stroll down memory lane!