Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A moth wakes up!

The first moth emerged after several weeks of going "night night" in the dirt.

This is obviously not a blog quality picture but really.  So cute.

Henry is telling all about how the caterpillar went night night in the dirt and that he finally woke up as a moth.  He was VERY proud and excited of his moth's achievement.

We went outside and admired our ugly brown moth.
The moth was surprisingly large, probably larger than my thumb.
He might be ugly but he is ours!

Henry's excitement quickly turned to devastation when he realized the moth was going to fly away.

After several patient minutes of explaining that the moth had to leave the flowerpot in order to find his mama so that he could make babies, he was finally okay with the prospect of his moth flying away.  

And let me tell you, his excitement was just as large two mornings later when a second moth emerged.
And, he didn't even cry when it was time for the moth to fly away!

Note to my fabulous readers: 
** Henry does own and wear other clothes even though I'm pretty sure this is the only outfit that has been pictured in the last few posts.  It just looks so comfy that I put him back in it as soon as it is washed and clean.

** I did not let Henry bite his baby sister just so I could get a picture for my blog.  I honestly did not even realize that I got the perfect picture of The Bite until 3 days later when I was looking through the pictures in my camera, well after I wrote my post about brain research and dealing with toddlers.  Seriously.


Anonymous said...

I never questioned the "bite". I know my daughter-in-law. What a fortunate opportunity.

childsplay said...

The thought did cross my mind that the outfit must be his favorite.

Laurin said...

That is the saddest face... but funny too! What a cool thing to do. Did you already post on how you are raising moths? LEnnox would love that... You always make me think.

Mandi @ Living the Good Life said...

HA! I love your addendums. And poor moth! He's not ugly! You'll give it a complex.