Sunday, August 28, 2011

Leading up to the latest bite.

Watch the unfolding of THE bite that inspired my blog post Brain Research and Changing Attitudes.

Just hanging out and playing on the front porch.  The college girls next door had a raging party at 3 in the afternoon so we were just chilling to the sounds of a horde of sorority girls drinking beer and singing along to dirty booty rap, i.e. a normal day in the 'hood.

Taylor brought home the book Castle  about the design and construction of a medieval castle.  So Henry was very happily playing with his very own castle.  

Liza was busy eating sidewalk chalk.

Just looking super cute checking out some junk in the corner of the porch.

I mean, really.  How cute is this girl?
Especially wearing her ridiculously cute fleece skirty Mandi had made for her 1st birthday.

Uh oh.
Cute girl is perilously close to Henry's toys....

Swiper, no swiping!
Just kidding.  We don't do Dora.

But, she swiped.

And, according to my camera, exactly 3 seconds later.......

He bites.



Jen said...

oh my! i'm trying not to laugh but that is too funny. poor Liza! I remember those days well having 2 brothers and a baby sister. but i must say, i am in LOVE with Liza's skirt. i want one!!!

Deedee said...

Im having the problem but reverse. K thinks it is fun to bite. Even after saying no he gives me this look like do you want another bite. I love the cute little skirt too!! DD

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Jen, laugh away. It's pretty. And, I'll pack up the skirty when I send you the pig smocked dress :)

DD, he is cute. Is he biting out of anger or just because he likes doing it?

Deedee said...

I think he has only bit once out of anger and that did leave more of a mark. I think he thinks its fun. I think it started because BK nibbles on people ...Ive told her to stop because he will think it is just like biting! That probably is the main reason? He has been in daycare a week and hasn't bit anyone even though he has got clawed in the face. uff!

Anonymous said...

Damn! I was really hoping to raise a vegetarian!

Taylor Dearman said...

Sorry for the anonymous. That was my post above. I failed to identify myself.

KazVik said...

Both our older boys were biters. Alex used to bite other kids, since he didn't have any sibling to bite yet (I think he bit Daniel only twice). Daniel used to bite Alex. They both did it out of anger, especially if someone tried to take away their toys. It was really frustrating. But the good thing is that they grow out of it. And our doctor said that it's normal for this age.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

DD, clawed in the face? Poor thing!! Liza bites out of anger too. They just don't have any coping skills (at all) at this age so they do whatever they know and one-year-olds know how to bite :)

Tay, ha! Liza wishes he was a veg too.

Vika, yep. I feel sure he will grow out of it. Just stinks to be here in the moment of it.