Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I'm glad I've learned.

1.  I'm glad I've learned to appreciate my kids getting older.  When Henry was a baby every milestone brought sadness and was a reminder that he was no longer a little baby.  It took too long lamenting the passage of time for me to learn that every stage of childhood is wonderful in it's own right.

2.  I'm glad I've learned taking my time and not rushing through the day makes every thing more enjoyable.

3.  I'm glad I've learned not to resent laundry and dishes.  I conquered my hatred of folding clothes about a year ago when I started folding clothes straight out of the dryer rather than letting baskets of clean clothes sit around until I didn't know what was clean or dirty.  And, I recently simplified laundry even more by eliminating separate hampers and now all dirty clothes go into one set of divided hampers in the hallway.  I finally got in control of my dirty dish situation by doing running the dishwasher at night, emptying it in the morning and putting dirty dishes in the washer throughout the day.  This is a very big deal in my life.

4.  I'm glad I've learned taking my time and not rushing through the day makes every thing more enjoyable.

5.  I'm glad I've learned Liza is endlessly contented watching out our front windows.  She loves watching all the action.  And, quite frankly, I consider watching out the window a hobby of mine as well.

6.  I'm glad I've learned I don't need to work outside the home to feel fulfilled.  I'm actually still confused why I ever thought a job would make me feel good about myself.

7.  I'm glad I've learned Henry really responds when we leave planned events (library story time, friends' houses, the park) when he doesn't "act right".  He is definitely learning and growing from every life experience.

8.  I'm glad I've learned to charge my phone every night rather than having an endlessly dying phone battery,

9.  I'm glad I've learned the joys of buying and selling used diapers on facebook.  Although it is quite possibly crossing the hobby line and becoming an addiction.  I think it is a sign of a problem when I sell diapers I like and use on a regular basis simply to buy more diapers.

10.  I'm glad I've learned I have the best job in the whole wide world.  Okay, maybe I've always known this but I am so glad my job is to raise these two precious little children the best way I know how.

Have you made any realizations, big or small, lately?


LT (and Max) said...

great post!!!
so great to see you today. it's true...henry and liza are just DOLLS.
even though i'm NOT a mom (muchless a stay at home mom), i particularly liked #6 and #10. i believe that there is a special place in heaven for moms like you who CHOOSE to spend almost all of their time with their children!

BrownFamily said...

I've learned to stress less, and enjoy more :) Great post!

Jen said...

Love this post, Laura! It is truly the small things that make up milestones! i'm still learning that no matter what happens in life, i have the power to be okay. with whatever. i don't have to let my emotions control how i act or react. i have a choice.

The Quinns said...

And you have learned to be proud of yourself for learning new things, lots of ppl might not take the time to notice, much less give themselves a much deserved pat on the back for it!