Monday, April 25, 2011

easter morning love.

Love the Easter baskets.
Henry:  wooden puzzles, coloring book with colors, Lentil a book about a harmonica playing boy
Liza:  kitty cat board book -- the girl is crazy about cats!

Love Aunt Cindy's old school camcorder!

Love the hullabaloo involved with 4 young children's Easter baskets.

Love the determined grasp of the Easter basket.

Love that the determined grasp of the Easter basket took place at the beach.

Love Meme and her love of our sweetest girl.

Love Pops and his enthusiasm for all things Henry.

Love that this was the best posed picture I could get with our kids and their grandparents.

Love that this was the only family picture of the whole weekend.
Okay, I don't love that.
It's pretty terrible.

Love recreating the teaching years by reading the Easter story to the family.

Love this amazing beach house.

 Love Carla and Cindy for working hard to make this weekend happen.

Love Love Love the new tradition of Easter at the beach!


BrownFamily said...

Easter at the beach looks absolutely wonderful!!!

Mandi S. said...

looks like the new easter tradition is a keeper!