Thursday, April 28, 2011

deep thoughts.

1. Have you noticed my new facebook function on the leftside bar?  Do you like me yet?  I like you.

2. The great snows of winter have evolved into the great storms of spring.  Great as in really really awful.  My town, my family and my house have been lucky through the  multiple rounds of tornadic weather but many lives have been lost and many homes destroyed.   A town without power, a husband out of town and a dead cellphone makes me thankful for Mandi inviting us to spend the night at her house and a new day with beautiful blue skies makes everything in life seem a little easier and less stressful.

3. I hit the jackpot at the thrift store today!  The goal was to find a pair of swimming trunks for Taylor.  Goal accomplished along with 4 outfits and a sweater jacket for Liza to grow into, a fleece Lands End pullover for Henry, a pair of Thomas the Train pajamas, a cute pair of heels for me and several board books.  I *heart* thrifting.

4. In addition to great deals at the thrift store, I also had a lovely conversation about homebirth and midwifery with a mom of 6 who noticed my Mississippi Friends of Midwives bumper sticker on my car.

5. I've been working on my blog post for May's Carnival of Natural Parenting.  This month's theme is about gardening with kids.  An interesting topic to write on considering I don't like gardening.  Last month's topic of gentle advocacy was much more my style.

6. Liza is hitting new milestones everyday.  She pulls up on everything, crawls like a proper baby, sits from laying down and has 8 teeth.  Busy.  Busy.  Busy.

7. Taylor leaves on Sunday for an out-of-town conference for 5 nights.  The upside?  Henry will love me the most while Taylor is gone.

8. Hand sanitizer bleaches hardwood floors.  Fact.

9. Henry's new reason he can't do pretty much anything he doesn't want to do?  "It's too big."

10. I have a new nighttime addiction.  Fake caramel corn.  Pop your corn.  Melt a chunk of butter, a bunch of brown sugar and a dash of vanilla in a pan on low heat.  Stir into popped corn.  Eat by the spoonful.  5 minutes to a ridiculously sweet treat that I will never make around Henry because he loves plain popcorn and I don't want him to know what he is missing.

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