Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a science museum.

Upon entering the McWane Science Museum with one kid in the carrier, one kid firmly in my grasp, an overloaded purse and a confidence that typically can't be shaken, I wondered if I wasn't a bit over-ambitious when I saw the hordes of school-age children unloading their buses..........

Luckily, it turned out just fine.

I only lost sight of Henry once but he was quickly found doing exactly what he should be doing.
Always a nice treat.

We touched a shark, went grocery shopping, pushed, pulled, twisted and
ate our lunch in an area clearly designated as a non-eating area.

It was a lovely few hours in an amazing museum I wish resided in our little town.

The words, "I wanna go YaYa's house" were the perfect way to end our perfect visit.

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Lacey said...

i worked there for 3 years and LOVED it...it's the best place for kids :)