Sunday, April 10, 2011

taking pictures.

It is so easy to take sweet pictures of Liza.
I say "boo" and she smiles. 
She can't run away.
She can't say no.
She just smiles.
So sweet.

I can't help but constantly post sweet pictures of her.
I mean, really, she is so flipping cute it hurts.

But, everytime I take sweet pictures of Liza it makes me a little sad.
Not guilty, just a little sad.

Sad that Henry doesn't like me to take his picture anymore.
I try.  Really I do.

But, it rarely goes well.
He either turns his back or starts crying.
Quite obviously, neither scenario leave me with quality pictures....

Of course, it won't be long until this little sweetie is the same way.
But, until that day comes I will continue to snap snap snap pictures and 
refuse to feel guilty that Henry's current life is not nearly as photo documented as hers.

Tomorrow's goal:
Take the camera to the park and get some action shots of Henry.
If he can't see the camera, he can't refuse the camera.
Wish me luck.


BrownFamily said...

I just love her! She is such a doll!

Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie!! She looks so steady while she is standing!! =) Kjell isn't so steady yet! Darling pictures!! Good luck with the action shots! dd

The Conner Clan said...

Does she have vampire teeth on top? :) So cute!
Good luck at the park!

childsplay said...

she is so so so so cute and the baby vampire teeth are hilarious!!!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Thanks, yall!

Deedee, she loves to stand. She is steady on her feet but too brave and likes to let go or reach for things and then she falls on her head. Is Kjell crawling yet?

TCC, yep. She has vampire teeth :) Her top two teeth just cut though so she isn't an official vampire anymore.

The Brown's said...

aww soo sweet!!! that face has the sweetest expression...i know what you mean about trying not to feel guilty of taking pics of baby #2....despite baby #1 refusing to cooperate