Friday, December 31, 2010

recycling, composting and garbage - oh, my!

It wasn't until I saw my father-in-law collect and sort recycable goods  
and then drive 30 minutes to deposit them at
 did I realize that Taylor and I need to be thankful for our
 fantastic local recycling company and our well-oiled system for recycling, composting and trash.

This garbage can formerly contained our household waste.
It now holds our household recycling: paper, all plastics, metal, glass.

It fills up quickly so Taylor dumps it into our blu-box every other day or so.
We are lucky not to have to sort the recycling as Triangle Maintenance does so on-site.

 I handily-dandily repurposed an s-hook from our hanging pot rack to hold a plastic baggie for kitchen trash.  This bag is slow to fill up since most waste is either recyclable or compostable.  
We no longer worry about remember the garbage collection days since it takes almost 2 weeks to fill up our big outdoor garbage can!

Kitchen compost goes into whatever bowl is handy at the moment.
It fills up quickly since we eat A LOT of fruit and vegetables.
During the winter, the compost bowl tends to get overflowingly full but
during the summer, we have to very vigilant about dumping it out or we get hordes of fruit flies.

This is our compost bin.
Considering we don't tend to it one bit, I'm not sure how well our kitchen scraps are composting.
It needs a good turn and some nitrogen rich matter to truly compost but whatever....
Once we get chickens (!) they will become our little live composters for kitchen scraps.

Currently, our only issue is that our compost bin is feeding a massively huge racoon which needs to be dealt with before we invest in chickens.  One of these days, we'll deal with that little problem...

We are constantly tweaking the details but we've found a system that works well for us.
Do you recycle or compost?

Have you worked out the kinks or are you still learning through trial and error?


Jen said...

Love it! I too, am one of those (like your father in law) that makes the annual trip to Rainbow to drop off my recycling at least once a week. but hey,maybe oneday we'll be up to date like you guys!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

We can't compost since we're in an apartment-but we will as soon as we have a house! We don't get the great curbside pickup at our place-so we take our recycling to the drop-off bins and sort it ourselves. It's a lot of work-but I can't imagine throwing all of that stuff in the trash!

TheDearmanFamily said...

Jennifer, not surprised at all your take yours to the Rainbow :)

Kaitlin, I agree! It's amazing how much packaging we used to throw away every day. I never realized how much was recyclable until we started filling up our kitchen trashcan with the recycling and it would fill up within one day.

TheSandersFamily said...

Hey! This reminds me. I never heard from Green Starkville Org about my "prize" for posting pics of my recycling setup. Did you??

TheDearmanFamily said...

Mandi, I thought about that as I wrote this post! I'm pretty sure we were the only two people who posted pictures so we should get lots of prizes....

I'm going to send a message on facebook.